Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Looks like I haven't made a blog (public diary) post since the first EMRA round. I've also silently passed 10,000 views, which calls for a post.

So with regards to motorcycle racing, the 2013 season went great. I missed a couple races while I was visiting Taiwan, so my overall points standing ended up a little weak, but I made some huge strides in my performance, which I am really proud of.

I had an great result in the second last race of the season, with a 4th place finish. This gave me enough of a points boost in the overall ranking to move me up a row in the starting grid. This was huge, because I have always struggled with making passes on guys who aren't much slower than me. Starting closer to the front meant I could avoid the slower traffic and really stretch my legs with the top guys. In the final race, I shot out into 3rd right off the start, and pulled off a clean pass to finish 2nd. My first career podium in the intermediate class.

So now, looking forward to next season, I had to make a difficult choice.

The track I raced at, Stratotech, closed at the end of the 2013 season. With it's closing, Alberta is left with only one other race track - Castrol Raceway. Fees are expected to be significantly greater at the new track, which will make it too difficult to afford. Money restraints, combined with the questionable safety margin at the new track, as led to my decision to take a break from competitive road racing.

So the plan is to take up Motocross Racing. I've purchased a beater of a '01 KX250, which isn't pretty, but it gets me started, so I can decide if it's something I want to invest in further.

The race bike, a GSXR600, is making it's slow and steady transition to the street. It's a little sad, given that it is such a pimp piece of machinery, purpose built for the race track.

2014's motorized fun makers. Currently naked, and getting ready for a glorious summer.