Saturday, June 1, 2013

EMRA 2013 - Round 1

Got off to a good start this year racing motorcycles.

I wasn't able to take advantage of the pre-race practice days, so it was a jump on the bike and hope for the best kind of thing. It actually worked out great.

Red #43
I loaded up my truck the night before, and headed up the morning of, leaving Calgary at 05:30 in order to arrive in time for registration and the rider's meeting. Barely made it, too! The tires had maybe 20 minutes on the warmers before I was headed out for the warm up laps.

First race of the day (and year for me) was Open Sportbike. Got off to a good start, but my technique was definitely rusty. I didn't trust the shagged tires yet, so I was very timid with the throttle and entry speeds. Ended up finishing 12th out of 19. Not very good.

Lots of traffic in the first corner
Next up was 600SS, the class I am keen to do well in. Same rules as Open Sportbike, but engines are restricted to 620cc or less. Makes the field more dependant on the rider when everyone is close in terms of power. In this race I started to get a lot more aggressive. On the brakes later, and on the throttle sooner. Pulled off a last minute pass on the brakes into Corner 2 to finish 5th out of 17,

Last of the day was the Superbike race. This class is completely unrestricted in terms of modifications. It was a good race to practice, and I though I fought very hard for 3rd, I ended up 4th.

Overall a great weekend. I am extremely excited for the next round. I'm aiming for a podium finish, with fresh tires and a little bit more practice under my belt.

Can't wait for the next round!
It's like Race Tire christmas!
Danger Ranger makes an appearance
I also got a little lost on the drive home. Pulled over for some relief, and realized the exit I took had no ramp to get back onto the highway! Ended up on a really nice little piece of country. All the rain recently has definitely made things green.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Loooong winter

It's insane how fast time flies. It's March already, last post I made was almost 4 months ago, and I remember it like yesterday.

So, I've been working pretty much non-stop. No lies, work sucks. I think everyone knows that. However, it's allowed me to achieve some goals that were previously unattainable. All associated with money, of course, so in that light I guess an Oil & Gas job is perfectly suited.

The biggest one was the purchase of my car;
A 2008 Subaru WRX STI.

All cleaned up. Looks weird to me.

The STI has been a dream car of mine since I started driving. And it's everything I could have hoped for. This car is awesome. Gobs of power, and All-Wheel Drive to make sure you can use it.

Tech inspection before Rally-X. Since it's on a frozen lake,
the tarp is to reduce the risk of contaminating a body of
water. Although, my car is awesome and never leaks
Within the first month of ownership, I took it to a Rally-X event on a frozen lake. While the stud-less winter tires were somewhat lacking on the frozen ice, the car performed as well as you would expect. Lots of fun.

All dirty, because racecar.
The car saw lots of action around Canmore. The hatchback makes it easy to throw in a couple pairs of skis and all your stuff. Beyond that, it's a car. Absolutely overkill for a ski bum. But at least the clutch isn't too sensitive to be driven in ski boots.

Covered in snow/camouflage. 

Then, this past weekend I travelled to Hinton, AB for the Alberta Biathlon Championships. This was where the car really shined. Heavy snowfall meant for some pretty gnarly roads, and the STI performed like a champ. No concerns about available traction while accelerating to pass heavy trucks on the highway. And while other vehicles were getting stuck in the parking lots, I felt like I could go anywhere. Very, very cool, and completely new experience.

So with that purchase made, do I even need to work anymore?

Oh yea, motorcycle race season is coming up fast. Gotta pay for those tires somehow!