Saturday, November 10, 2012

Driving Tired

When I almost drove off the road while trying to decide whether a fart was wet or dry, it occurred to me that my mental capacity might be suffering.

Light at the end of the tunnel
(Actually a cloudy night and light pollution from an oil rig)
This was interesting to me, as my self-perceived level of fatigue was rather low, and I was not suffering any hints of drowsiness. I continued to think about this, but almost drove off the road again, so I saved this self inflection for a later time.

It was nearing the end of a 15 hour marathon drive. With darkness encroaching, and a deadline looming, I decided napping was not an option. So I made the pre-emptive switch to Plan B - caffeine. In this case, drinking the equivalent of 8 cups of coffee worth of sugar-free energy drinks over the final leg of the journey. I was primed.

As a side story, Plan B was developed early in life. Countless nights had been spent playing CS:S ladder games at 3am, and fatigue was not an acceptable excuse when you failed to disarm the bomb, losing precious rank in teh s3rvr.

Back to inflection; I suspect that while caffeine can improve alertness, it can't save your slow firing neurons. While I was able to react to wildlife (Reflex, like sick headshots at 3am), I doubt whether or not I would be able to accurately assess a situation should things get complicated. If I did slide off the road, I'd probably be all delirious and wander off into the forest.

Moral of this story - you should consider adopting a homeless pet before buying from a breeder. 


  1. I hate driving tired. I almost fell asleep at the wheel.

  2. hahaha and i still dont know what menopause is. but i think it has to do with bleeding. fall asleep at the wheel sucks. done it plenty of times. woke up at the last second evrytime. i like yelling very loud when i start falling asleep while driving

  3. I've fallen asleep at the wheel before. Not fun.

    Should have pulled over and napped before continuing.

  4. So intriguing! so the elephant in the room now is: was it wet or dry?