Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Have more animations. They're prime for hits.

Everyone in my field is fat. Fact of sitting on your butt for 12 hours. You end up snacking all day out of boredom, which leads to packing on the pounds. I fell for that right off the bat, but now I'm wiser. With an adjusted diet and a little discipline, it's actually pretty damn easy to lose or at least maintain your current bodyweight.

Pro Tips for being sedentary;

  1. Be cheap. Junk food has a poor cost-to-sustenance ratio. Bang for buck is my motivator.
  2. Drink coffee. Reduces hunger and makes you happy. Just don't add cream and sugar. Drink it black.
  3. Eat dead animal. Forget fancy sauces and breading. Protein makes you a man, carbs make you soft.
  4. Hate yourself. The Dark Side of the force is more powerful - self-loathing should keep you thin.
  5. Move. Even if it's just to go look longingly in your empty fridge.
  6. Broccoli. Eat lots. Raw. It makes you poop.

Trust me here. My most popular blog post of all time is basically a picture of me shirtless. Diet blogs and stuff link to it. I'll use that empirical evidence as a positive reference. 


  1. being sedentary sounds like work

  2. Raw broccoli is pushing it a bit, I don't mind eating it cold in salads but prefer steaming it first.

  3. celery is good too. Crunchy, watery, salty, what not to love. so you work in an office on the rigs?

  4. I need to gain weight more than anything. ._.