Sunday, August 26, 2012

Stuff I want to blow my money on

So, since I don't really train and compete any more, I don't have much new to blog about.

I work a job.

Well, that's what's new for the last month.

Now, something crazy has happened since I started working - I have money. I've started spending money on things I would have abstained from before, and yet there's still more money than before. Seriously. If you've never had full-time, gainful employment before; I will tell you that this shit is thoroughly good.

So here goes a new topic - stuff I want to blow my money on. Today's thing - a new leather race suit.

I push my own limits pretty hard when racing motorcycles, and as a result, I've been down more times than a Tijuana hooker. So my leather suit is getting shagged. Holes in the shoulders, tearing seams, and flaps of leather just hanging out. It was also a bargain purchase - under $300 for a brand new suit. It's my size, but the proportions are off. Loose around the gut, but painfully tight on the thighs and forearms. It's a little restrictive around the shoulders, too, which makes looking "through" corners pretty tough. So, a custom suit it is.

Custom tailored leather suits can get pretty pricey, but I think Spartan Leathers is the ideal choice. Quite cheap in the custom world, but highly regarded and positively reviewed.

Right now, I'll gladly toss $1000 away in exchange for fit and mobility. Plus, you get to choose the colours. You also get titanium plates that probably spark super cool when you crash.

Definitely can't wait to blow my money on this.


  1. right on man! congrats on scoring a well paying job. welcome to the work force. that suit does look pretty badass too

  2. I'd rather use that money to upgrade my computer. It's getting a bit old.

  3. I try to stay frugal with my money, but it gets hard :<

  4. Plus you can patrol the city at night fighting crime in one of those!