Thursday, August 30, 2012

Something else I want to blow my money on

My first car was a 1991 Honda Accord. I loved that car with all my heart. No pesky electronics to get in the way of my teenage recklessness, and the E-Brake was placed (almost too) perfectly for superb leverage and accessibility. As it's clock rolled over to 340,000km, it's lack of reliability became a concern. And so I invested in my second and current car, a 2001 Ford Focus Station Wagon.

The Focus is the pinnacle of reliability and practicality. Good fuel mileage and huge cargo capacity made it the ultimate skier car. That beautiful steed spent it's days shuttling myself and other athletes all over Alberta and BC. It was even able to moonlight as an RV. But since retirement, I no longer have needs, only wants. And I want a toy. So that brings me to the next thing I want to blow my money on.

A Subaru WRX STI.

It's been decided - I want one. However, a difficult decision lies ahead. Do I want a Second, or Third Generation car?

Second Generation

The Second Generation styling inspires a greater boner. It was offered exclusively in a sedan, gaudy oversized spoiler included, which really let's the world know I'm no soccer mom. And that's important in a car, right?

Third Generation
The Third Generation looks quite a bit more pedestrian. You're lucky if it inspires a half-chub. Then you jump inside and notice the technology. Ohhhhh baby, the technology! The Drive Controlled Center Differential gets me all hot and bothered. Seriously.

Ha, who am I kidding.
I'm getting the Third Gen.

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