Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Electronic Stability Control

Almost all modern vehicle have some form Electronic Stability/Traction Control systems. They're meant to help keep the driver in control, and maintain overall vehicle stability.

I haven't got a real problem with these systems. I believe they can be dangerous if people grow to rely on these systems, believing their vehicle's computers will save them if they get into trouble. But for the most part,  they do their jobs.

What's starting to irritate me is the lack of freedom with these systems. The industry seems to be making these systems compulsory. You can't disable it!

I'm currently driving around an hour everyday on rough lease roads. The condition isn't really THAT bad, and I would personally have no immediate issue driving my Ford Focus on these roads. But the vehicle I'm driving, a 2012 Dodge RAM 3500, seems to disagree. The built-in electronic stability control is constantly imposing. For some reason a 0.5 second wheel slip requires a full on intervention. The truck immediately loses power, falls flat on it's face! Once the system has decided the conditions are acceptable, control is returned to the driver and we continue along.

In all honestly, there is no reason for it's intrusion. I drive responsibly, well within my personal skill and my vehicle's capabilities. I wish I could disable the system completely. As it is, it'll just burn itself out. Or cause excessive brake pad wear.

Anyways, pointless rant over. Have a picture of the sun setting behind my rig.

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  1. Well said! It drives me nuts how a mediocre drift can turn into a drivers worst nightmare simply because the car reacts so unpredictably!