Wednesday, June 6, 2012

One from the archives (I don't know why I didn't post this?)

Holy crap, Blogger is way different than the last time I posted. Interface is clean, but freaking me out!

Anyways, Motorcycle race season is quickly approaching, so I'll probably be posting about that a lot. Latest acquisition is a 4000watt Champion Generator.

This baby is a dream! Purchased brand new from Canadian Tire. Only $279.99 (Regular $599). Seriously awesome.

I've been shopping long and hard for a good used deal, but even the exact same generator was selling for over $200. So I figured the extra cash was worth it, as it comes with a 2 year warranty. Then I know it's history and how well it has been taken care of.

Fired it up already, and it runs my Suzuka Tire warmers without trouble. That might only be a 1000watt draw though - should be plenty of overhead if a friend wants in. It's also getting a special brand of love - oil from the race bike. Motul 7100 in your generator is funny, trust me.

At 68dBa, it's a little loud. Most of it is valve/piston noise, so sadly a DIY custom exhaust will do me no good. I really sincerely wanted a Honda Generator - the Honda EU3000iC is truly boner inspiring (If you're into Generators). They are rated at 57dBa, so given that decibels is a logarithmic scale, the Honda genny would be less than half as loud. It's also about 30lbs lighter than my 110lbs Champion, and it would even use a little bit less fuel. But brand new, they retail at $2,800! Used, they don't sell for less than $1000. Dang.

Maybe Honda will sponsor me someday - but probably not, I race on a Suzuki. :3


  1. Nice generator, what do you use it for?

  2. Haha, well good luck with that.

  3. You live one interesting life, and you got a nice deal on the generator.

  4. wicked, i can now troll chicks facebooks with FIGJAM whenever they yolo...

  5. maybe blogger will change again by your next post!

  6. I afraid the specs of that are wasted on me. I however can relate to the new blogger interface nonsense.

    I changed it back to the old one as soon as I figured out how.

  7. hey! look at

    looking forward to pics of you hunched over a hot machine in tight leather pants! (HINT HINT)