Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sexy New Banner

Long "This is what I did this month cause I can be arse'd to make frequent updates" posts are retarded. So you get to read about last month, but this month.

This evening, I will discuss my first track day of the season.

Testing footpeg positioning
It's seriously awesome to get out on the new bike. I couldn't believe the amount of power it has. A 2005 GSXR600 vs. a 1992 CBR900RR. Even though they have similar peak horsepower, the GSXR hauls way more ass. I suspect it is due to more appropriate gearing, and the 150pounds less that it weighs. Either way, it was an excellent opportunity to learn about the bike and figure things out.

That said, the new bike is also super edgy. I guess I mean responsive. You can't get away with anything on it. Really bring to light ALL of my shortcomings. Throttle control needs to be perfect, or you will be all over the place. I ended the day surprisingly sore for an athlete, entirely because I had to fight against the bike so much. I was definitely getting better near the end of the day, but still have a ton of work to do.
Beautiful new white boots got marred in the incident

Also, I broke my metatarsus. With such a powerful bike, I was having a hoot sliding the rear under power. It got a little away from me and bucked me out of the seat, and my foot ended up under the rear wheel. Sucked, but I kept the bike up.

I'm also sharing a brief video of basically what happened to me, except I didn't go off the course.


  1. it is a pretty sweet banner

  2. the banner is nice, what does FIGJAM mean though.

  3. Damn nice bike Beau and damn lucky!

  4. nice banner, white shoes, true massacre, I lost my lovely reebok white shoes to same kind of thing.