Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Race Schedule is up

So it's been a bitter cold week in Canmore. I've chosen to stay inside as much as humanly possible, as -30°C gets old, really fast. Good week for it, though. Wrapped up an epic volume block, training almost 25 hours per week is tough. I might have even overdone it a bit - found myself getting irritable. 

I way more exciting news, the race schedule has been released for my summer of glorious motorcycle racing. I'm stoked out of my mind.

Monday, January 16, 2012

More boot pictures

A nice new pair of TCX S-Race racing boots.

My old boots offered little or no ankle protection, but these bad boys have it all. Should keep me safe if anything bad happens. But my strategy is just "not crashing." So since I won't be crashing, I could probably race in shorts and a t-shirt.

TCX S-Race Boots

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

January Rain

Slush in my yard.
Picture added just for the sake of media.
Ha, what a winter already.

Last year (2010/11) a weather agency released a forecast calling for a long and cold winter. And it was! Many -20 weeks, and a couple -30 days thrown in for good measure.

So this year (2011/12) the same weather agency made another forecast - even colder and longer than last year.

Well, so far, they've been extremely wrong. It's currently +4 and raining. The seasonal average calls for a maximum of -4, lows of -14. So yea, way warmer than average. Snow at the nordic center is starting to suffer. Chinook winds are blowing debris all over the place. Really feels like late April skiing, not early season.


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

SPOT GPS Tracker

Before my trip to Chicago this past summer, I bought a SPOT Satellite Messenger. It's a neat little GPS unit that you can use to track your location, even outside of cell service. It was mainly to give my parents peace of mind as I was travelling alone.

There was also one instance, while passing through Minneapolis, where a friend was able to tell me where a storm cell was in relation to my location. He told me it was moving at 70mph, so if I moved my ass, I could outrun it! And I did!

Aaaaanyways. It stopped working. Didn't get dropped, submerged in water, exposed to extreme temperatures... Nothing. Just turned it on one day and nothing. I braced myself against what I expected to be a big warranty hassle...

To my surprise, I went to the website,, clicked Warranty, entered my info, and it was submitted! And then less than a week later, a box showed up at my front door with the replacement unit! Awesome service from Globalstar.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Long day

Had a long ski today. Some basic stats so we can all high-five later;

Distance: 45.9km
Vertical climbing: 2.3km

Max speed: 46.5km/h

3.5 hours of slow skiing
Today was pretty slow ski day. Warm temperature and a lack of structure on my training skis caused a lot of drag. As a bonus for using training skis; I could ski wherever I wanted without fear of damaging a nice pair of skis!