Friday, December 30, 2011

Summer Racing Sneak Peek

I have other goals and aspirations outside of Biathlon. One of them is to be a wildly successful professional motorcycle racer. The "professional" part may be a stretch, but wildly successful is within reach.

Since my winter season has been uneventful, I've been working lots and spending little. This has given me the opportunity to pull the trigger and really commit to a motorcycle race season. And with that, I bring you my new race bike.

The New Hotness

2005 GSXR600. 
Fully race prepped and ready to pwn n00bs. I sincerely can't wait for this summer to begin.


  1. nah just your biggest ontarian fan. dick. u better win!!!

  2. Oh nice that thing looks fast! I'd love to own one of those one day. Oh yea and following

  3. heh i was drunk when i posted that one.