Tuesday, September 20, 2011

CMRA - Preparation

CMRA was hosting the last motorcycle race ever to be held at the Race City Motorsport Park.

I went for it.

I dropped my CBR900RR off at my parent's house in Calgary on Monday, and spent the week back in Canmore training. I got back to Calgary late afternoon on Thursday, with a list of modifications I needed to do in order to ensure my bike would be race ready.

Spent a good chunk of the evening drilling bolts and securing them with safety wire. It's a positive way to prevent bolts and fasteners from working loose. I also got started on my super gangsta number plate.

The next day I changed my glycol coolant out for plain tap water, silicone'd important fasteners (Silicone stuff you can wire), put socks over my brake fluid reservoirs, and added a catch can for various vent hoses.

I still needed a bar end, and I also wanted to ensure I would pass tech inspection, so I zipped down to Redline Motorsports. They gave my bike a quick look to make sure nothing was out of line, and my BrotherFromAnotherMother gave me a spare bar end he had kicking around.

While at Redline, I learned some interesting bits about race registration. Being my first rodeo with these folk, I had no idea WTF was going on. After discovering some issues with my registration, I left Redline and zipped over to Race City to speak with the race organizers. Got everything worked out, as well as got my race number. Pretty last minute, 5pm the night before the races. No big.

Rode home, spray painted my number plate and passenger seat white*, made a number stencil and spray painted my red numbers onto the white background. Wired up my radiator cap and I was ready for race day...

*As a side note, I found "CONTRACTORS GRADE" white spray paint. I assumed this meant it was good stuff, right? Contractor grade. Sounds legit. Turns out, contractors go for the cheapest possible solution while still getting the job done, thus improving their profit margin. This paint went on like milk it was so watery. I guess at $2 a can, I got what I paid for.


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