Sunday, March 20, 2011

Japan's Nuclear Crisis

Japan is the hot topic right now; they have just experienced the most destructive natural disaster in their recorded history.

You've probably heard that the earthquake and resulting tsunami damaged emergency power systems used to cool nuclear reactors. The overheating made is necessary to vent a small amount of radioactive steam that decayed to nothing in a few seconds.

In reality, a fairly harmless situation. But of course, there are a few super stupid people who haven't got any clue, purchasing products they don't know how to use, for unnecessary purposes, to treat/diagnose a non-existent problem.

So to all of you, my dear readers. Please educate yourself on the Banana equivalent dose.
Yea, that's right, Banana's are one of the most naturally radioactive foods.

Understand Banana Equivalent Dose, and you'll be more able to accurately comprehend just how much radiation people are being exposed to in this situation.


  1. How many bananas would it take to power a nookular power plant?

  2. My heart goes out to the Japaense. But Bananas?

  3. Nuclear bananas? No wonder they taste so good.

  4. Is they why they say you are what you eat? Radioactive bananas are the culprit?

    People overreact to things so easily these days.

  5. lol brilliant I never knew that about bananas

  6. brb eating bananas so i can get superpowers

  7. didn't know that. bananas are officially awesome.

  8. i feel so sorry for the people there!

  9. loll...following your blog dude, cant wait for more posts!


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