Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Forget what you heard!

I got the wrong deal.

Cut through the wind cause I'm aero-dy-nam-ic!
Good day on the range for me. 9/10. The one standing miss was ridiculous and shouldn't have happened. Ah well, I'll work on it.

Alberta Biathlon Championships - March 6th, 2011
10km Sprint
PL Bib Name Club SkiTime P S T Time Diff
1 73 Beau Thompson Canmore Nordic 0:34:31.6 0 1 1 0:34:31.6
2 75 Johnny Forward Canmore Nordic 0:37:38.1 1 1 2 0:37:38.1 +3:06.5
3 74 Elijah MacCulloch Independent 0:44:31.4 0 1 1 0:44:31.4 +9:59.8


  1. congrats, you were way ahead of the others

  2. fuck yeah Canadian tiger blooded motha fucka representing and pwning them foes like an f-18. pic two is from a bill and teds movie. those movies are usually on that aptn channel. u know the natives channel that is all over northern canada. its pretty awesome. good job.

  3. Nice man! Keep up the hard work it will pay off!

  4. Dude, your just lucky you got to ski on that snow!