Thursday, March 10, 2011

AMRA Spring Thaw Endurance Race

Awwwwwwww yea. Spring/Summer is so close I can taste it.

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I've got a team together for this year's Spring Thaw Endurance race, hosted by the Alberta Mini-Roadracing Association. This an endurance motorcycle race held every year. The team to complete the most laps in a 3 hour period is the winner.

I've always been a fan of motorcycle racing, but racing on the "big" track is extremely costly. Thankfully, Miniature road racing (Motorcycles up to 50cc) is just a fraction of the cost, and basically the same experience.

I compete in the Thunderbike Spec. class. (I'm #97 in the picture) They are dirtbikes with street tires on them. It's ridiculous. The super cushy suspension is not designed for a road course, which makes being good easy, but being great is a real challenge.

I'm really looking forward to kicking ass and taking names.


  1. That's awesome, modified 50cc dirtbike racing? Sign me up!


  3. thats sick dude, good luck!


  4. Dirtbiking is pretty sick! Check out my blog,

  5. Oh shit you better kick ass...

    It's hilarious that you guys use a dirtbike in order to get around the fine legal print haha...

  6. haha that sounds ridiculous but also fun. good luck!

  7. "I'm really looking forward to kicking ass and taking names."

    Sure you don't want some gum with that? :3 Oh wait I'm all out of gum..

  8. looks like a fun hobby, even better if you get paid for it

  9. This would be awesome to do this as a job :D

  10. It will be like Darkar Race or something like that?


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