Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Rifle Bedding

I went crazy and did a glue-in bedding job on my precious biathlon rifle. Here's what it entails;

The rifle "bed" is the part of the rifle stock that the action (I'll call it the barrel from now on) rests against. The barrel is held on by screws. Now, with just a wood bed (What I was shooting with before) you experience a small amount of give due to the softness. This can lead to small inconsistencies in your groups. The answer is making a rock-solid bed for the barrel to attach to. I did this using a free-flowing epoxy resin, with a filler additive to bring it to appropriate thickness for bedding duty.

I've removed the sights, clip loading guide and trigger mechanism. I then used green painter's tape and an exacto knife to ensure epoxy does not seep into these  openings. After that, I liberally applied release compound, which prevents the epoxy from bonding to the metal.
 My ghetto paint can "vice". Ha, ya right!
 Epoxy resin.
Adding the hardener. Have to work fast after this step, as the epoxy will begin to harden in under 10minutes. Almost immediately you can feel the heat released from the epoxy curing.
Highly scientific measuring with my Popsicle stick scoopula.
 Mix until peanut butter like consistency is achieved.
 Goop liberally all over the bedding area.
 Around this time you start sweating and it feels like the room is 30 degrees warmer. If you didn't tape something off, or appropriately apply release compound, you could permanently glue your $2,500 barrel to your stock. Only a hammer and chisel would separate the two in that case. Clean up excess with a paper towel, and hope like heck you didn't mess anything up.
 Excess. Waste makes me sad.

My furnace room workshop.

I will leave it here to cure, undisturbed, until morning.


  1. Epoxy is such fun stuff to work with.

  2. looks sweet! i would probably end up gluing the barrel and stock together =\

  3. Nice, are you planning on painting the new stalk?

  4. Nice lol, ghetto paint :L took forward to hearing the rest.

  5. Nice job, looks pretty awesome

  6. This looks sweet can't wait to see that final product:)

  7. nice pics, you should write a guide or something for dummies :)