Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lake Placid Results

Saturday Sprint
Sunday Pursuit

I'm home now from two weeks of training and racing in the northeastern USA. Ultimately a disappointing set of races. It's always difficult to predict what your performance will be like. I guess that uncertainty is what makes sports exciting, right? If you know what the outcome will be, nobody would care.

I had held an acceptable 80% shooting average over three races, which you really can't complain about. However, in the Pursuit, my skill faltered and I missed 9/20 shots. I'm extremely disappointed in myself for that. It's time to step away for a bit and rethink my approach to training. What I'm doing now sure hasn't worked for me yet this year.

I'm depressed for now, but you don't need to worry about me. I've got plans.

Next important races will be Canadian National Biathlon Championships in Charlo, New Brunswick. I raced there 4 years ago at my first ever National Championships, will be interesting to go back. I love the Maritime provinces as well. And, even better, it's almost 2 months away. I've got tons of time to get my head straight!


  1. thats pretty cool. grats on your wins.

  2. Awww, don't focus on your failures, focus on your accomplishments! By the looks of it, you are doing awesome, keep that shiz up!

  3. You will be better next time

  4. Well your a hell of a lot better than I am. Keep it up

  5. This blog is badass bro. Following :)

  6. Everyone has their bad moments, but you can't focus on those! Make sure you keep looking towards the goal, and don't worry about these random one-off bad days!

  7. Great blog, Im gonna start following you!! Check out mine blog too if youd like.


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