Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Euro Results and Bam

Checking in on the athletes racing in Europe and I'm seeing some damn decent results. Tyson Smith, glorious member of The WGB, placed 19th. Top 20 for a Canadian is superb.

Also, went to see Bam Margera at the Aurora Nightclub. He's a super greasy guy. I didn't drink there, but it was cool to hang out with friends.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Well, I've been a useless slop for the past couple of days.

Time to get back at it. Get serious. COME ON.

In the meantime, check this out; http://ulikethis.ca I was planning on going to bed, but that's more entertaining for sure.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bow Corridor Regional Race

Today was the third race in the BCRR series. It's a regional race series that is aimed primarily at grass-roots/club level athletes. So, it's a "just-for-fun" race.

I chose to wax my own skis instead of having the coaches wax. Mostly because I'm a rebel, but actually it entirely because I didn't want to show up 1.5hours before the start of my race. The wax I opted to use was completely appropriate for the conditions at the time, unfortunately, they changed dramatically over the course of the race.

First lap of three was fantastic; I was running a comfortable pace and keeping everyone in my sights. But right as was started it began snowing heavily, and unfortunately I had not prepared for this circumstance. As the fresh snow covered the previously icy tracks, it began to cling aggressively to my skis. The third lap was incredibly difficult.

But my fitness, I felt awesome. I could push so hard my lungs were burning and I got tunnel vision, but my muscles just took the punishment and asked for more. Too bad I didn't feel like that at trials!

Next race is looking to be a Provincial level race in Grande Prairie. The 9 hour drive is gonna be buck!

Friday, February 11, 2011


This year I picked up a sponsorship from Alpina. There was some kind of mix up with their shipping, and even though the order was submitted in the summer, I still haven't seen the shipment.

Well, some quick correspondence with Alpina Sports here in Canada, and the issue has been so resolved it isn't funny.

The Canadian office no longer had stock of the bindings I needed. So what do they do? Contact an American Distributor and have him send me some! FedEx Priority! Simply outstanding, Alpina!

So if any of you guys are ever in the market for ski gear, please check them out. They really know how to look after people.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Rifle Bedding

I went crazy and did a glue-in bedding job on my precious biathlon rifle. Here's what it entails;

The rifle "bed" is the part of the rifle stock that the action (I'll call it the barrel from now on) rests against. The barrel is held on by screws. Now, with just a wood bed (What I was shooting with before) you experience a small amount of give due to the softness. This can lead to small inconsistencies in your groups. The answer is making a rock-solid bed for the barrel to attach to. I did this using a free-flowing epoxy resin, with a filler additive to bring it to appropriate thickness for bedding duty.

I've removed the sights, clip loading guide and trigger mechanism. I then used green painter's tape and an exacto knife to ensure epoxy does not seep into these  openings. After that, I liberally applied release compound, which prevents the epoxy from bonding to the metal.
 My ghetto paint can "vice". Ha, ya right!
 Epoxy resin.
Adding the hardener. Have to work fast after this step, as the epoxy will begin to harden in under 10minutes. Almost immediately you can feel the heat released from the epoxy curing.
Highly scientific measuring with my Popsicle stick scoopula.
 Mix until peanut butter like consistency is achieved.
 Goop liberally all over the bedding area.
 Around this time you start sweating and it feels like the room is 30 degrees warmer. If you didn't tape something off, or appropriately apply release compound, you could permanently glue your $2,500 barrel to your stock. Only a hammer and chisel would separate the two in that case. Clean up excess with a paper towel, and hope like heck you didn't mess anything up.
 Excess. Waste makes me sad.

My furnace room workshop.

I will leave it here to cure, undisturbed, until morning.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Semi-productive day

Training in the morning, and with nothing specific to be done in the afternoon I set to complete a project I had been considering for almost 2 years. I built a chinup bar!

I was pretty apathetic about it, but now that it's done, and considering how easy it was, I wish I had done it ages ago.

It's just two ~12inch lengths of dimensional lumbar and a broomstick!

Friday, February 4, 2011


Holy crap! 50 followers!

When I first started blogging early December, 50 followers seemed like an impossible amount. Well, it has happened!

Huge thanks to everyone. You guys are the best. As a sign of gratitude, I give you a video of my cat. Yes, that's me talking like an idiot.

World Cup Men's 10km Sprint in Presque Isle

Check out my biathlon bros racing in Presque Isle!

Live results - http://services.biathlonresults.com/DataCenter_IBU.aspx?RaceId=BT1011SWRLCP07SMSP

Watch it live! - http://eurovision2.feedroom.com

Scott Parras,. Nathan Smith, Brendan Green, and JP LeGuellec are racing in this one. Soo sick.


So I've been out of training for a couple days. I slipped on some ice and landed on my cell phone in my pocket. Most pathetic looking bruise ever, but hurts so bad I could barely get out of bed in the morning.

This happened Sunday night, and I'm just now able to ski on Friday. Probably the worst contusion I've ever had.

I'm looking at the time off positively, though. I'll be getting back to it with some new vigor and mental freshness.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lake Placid Results

Saturday Sprint
Sunday Pursuit

I'm home now from two weeks of training and racing in the northeastern USA. Ultimately a disappointing set of races. It's always difficult to predict what your performance will be like. I guess that uncertainty is what makes sports exciting, right? If you know what the outcome will be, nobody would care.

I had held an acceptable 80% shooting average over three races, which you really can't complain about. However, in the Pursuit, my skill faltered and I missed 9/20 shots. I'm extremely disappointed in myself for that. It's time to step away for a bit and rethink my approach to training. What I'm doing now sure hasn't worked for me yet this year.

I'm depressed for now, but you don't need to worry about me. I've got plans.

Next important races will be Canadian National Biathlon Championships in Charlo, New Brunswick. I raced there 4 years ago at my first ever National Championships, will be interesting to go back. I love the Maritime provinces as well. And, even better, it's almost 2 months away. I've got tons of time to get my head straight!