Saturday, January 1, 2011

Training is hard (No duh)

Timing is crucial with training. When, What, How much and How hard can have a dramatic impact on your performance throughout the season.

The 2010/11 season started out a little differently than usual. Often, the first races of the year will be qualifying races for things like National Championships. But this year, the races in December could be called, "Just for fun" races. My performance in them had little impact on my career. This means we can play with training a little bit, and "prolong" the training season.

What this means is that I have not yet changed my training to "race season" mode. The number of hours I train has stayed high, when usually you would be tapering back in order to be recovered well enough to perform in races.

So the last three weeks have been extremely taxing. 18-24 hours every week. Basically, I was on snow and skiing for a solid 3 hours non-stop every single day.

Today marked the last day of high-volume, and thus the end of intense fatigue and weakness. To go out with a bang, I had a nice day of volume, AND intensity. Basically, I spent 1h45min at what could be called "Race Pace." This picture is a graph of my heart rate throughout, and a summary of time spent in each zone.

In case the image below doesn't make sense to you; It's crazy. You can take my word for it.



  1. i never realised how tough it really was. All the best man, hope to see you picking up some golds in the near future

  2. Yeah like ranger said, takes alot of dedication, keep up the good work ;D

  3. I'll take your word for it, I admire your motivation to keep at!