Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I was hoping I'd use something new every day that I could share. Most of what I've been doing has revolved around lighting. Sooo... Well, I guess I'll share the LED Lighting fixtures I'm using a TON of.

Enter the ChromaQ ColorSplit

Oh lord these puppies are expensive. At around $1,500USD a piece, my show has $30,000 in LED fixtures alone. It's well worth it, though. I control all my lights through Lighting Software made by Jands. The LED are superb at setting a tone with different ambient lighting colours. I'm also using certain lighting cues that allow me to use the LED's as strobe lights. You know the apex of that sick techno song? Strobe effects make it that much more intense. Combining them with an industrial sized fog machine and the MAC250's I mentioned in my previous post, I've created a pretty wicked scene. I will have to snap some pictures tomorrow.

And on the personal side of things, 5-6 hours of sleep a night is becoming a drag. Work sucks, but having to do 2 hours of physical training when you get home makes it suck that much more.


  1. Damn this thing looks dope

    Keep it bawlin dawg, try to keep your sleep up and you'l get through the days easier

  2. Is this blog strictly tech now?
    either way, pretty cool lights

  3. Man that looks awesome but so expensive!

  4. I'm loving your tech week blogs. Really shedding some light on subjects i had no idea about