Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I've decided tech week will chronicle the cool stuff I use at work.

Today was spent setting up an epic lighting array. The hotel I was setting this up in has disgustingly dirty power. Not only that, but any plug in the wall could be part of any number of circuits, which who knows what else on it. In order to reduce the amount of interference, I use something called an Opto-isolator. It essentially turns electrical signals into light, and then back to electrical signals. Since there is no physical connection, there is a reduced risk of distorted signals.

Usually I don't need to use one, but the Martin MAC250's I was using were basically crashing due to the dirty data they were receiving. And having your moving heads go dark during a sick dance party is super embarrassing.

Blue lights are MAC250's in action!


  1. Woah looks sick, like a scene from tron ;D

  2. The pic of the MAC250's being used looks quality. Shame the reliability lets them down eh.

  3. sounds like you have an amazing job, lucky