Sunday, January 23, 2011


Holy moly it's hard to cope without internet. I'm back online now, so here's a summary of my races the past couple days.

Thursday night was a club level race. Being a club level race, there was nothing on the line, and it was completely just for fun. It was a 6km Sprint race. Not much to say, pretty uneventful race. Finished 1st, had 1 miss prone and 2 miss standing. Not very impressive shooting, and skiing was definitely relaxed. Competition was slim, but fun nonetheless.

Saturday was the first race of this weekend. Same story, 10km sprint. I started right behind my teammate, Joel Pacas. My skiing fitness has definitely been lacking in the New Year, and Joel quickly put a gap between us. The only possibility was shooting better than him. Good for him, but unfortunately for me, I had 2 misses and he had just 1. With his shooting in top form and skiing better than me, I didn't stand to gain over his speed. I finished a reasonable 4th place.

Sunday was the Pursuit. Starting right behind my teammate again, I knew my only chance was to shoot well over this format's 4 shootings. Coming in for the first shooting, Joel had already finished his first prone with 3 misses, I knew I had an extremely good chance. I shot clean in this first shooting bout and passed him while has was in the penalty loop. With 4 misses total, I maintained my position for a 3rd place finish. On the podium feels good, even if it isn't gold.

Afterwards, we packed up and drove 2 hours from Jericho, VT, to Lake Placid, NY. So now I'm sitting in my room at the Lake Placid Olympic Training Center. Wicked place. 24/7 food, cheap rooms, and best of all, free WIFI! Although, it isn't very fast...

Pictures to come as soon as they upload.