Friday, January 7, 2011

Oberhof World Cup Results and NorAm #3

Excellent results from the Canadian men on the World Cup in today's 10km Sprint. Brendan Green placed 14th, J.P. LeGuellec 16th, and Scott Parras 34th. Huge props to these guys.

Then this weekend will be the second Biathlon race of the year for me. North American Championships #3, again in Canmore. I'm excited to get out and race again, however I'm feeling a lot of fatigue right now due to the last several weeks of hardcore training. I've been resting up quite a bit this past week, and I was expected to be more recovered by now. Not too crazy about the forecast, either. A daytime high of -17 is nasty. When it's that cold, skiing is brutally slow. Your skis just don't glide on the cold abrasive snow.

Well that sounds pessimistic, doesn't it?


  1. Cold snow is tough. Those guys got some damn good results in the sprint.

  2. I love skiing! I live an hour aways from an awsome place in the eastern Alps, I go every weekend :D
    Anyways, cool blog, I'll follow you.

  3. Very pessimistic, keep your spirits up man and rock through it ;D

  4. Yeah man I agree with JayPower, keep your spirits high and just cain it!

  5. nah man , keep at it. dont let it get you down