Saturday, December 11, 2010

NorAm Cup #1/Calforex Cup #1

The first biathlon race of the season was today. A 10km Sprint format, it follows the Nordic Center's 3.3km loop. I gotta say, that loop is a killer. You spend a kilometer enjoying some rolling terrain and a delightful descent into the lowest elevation trails - then 2km hauling your butt out. What a climb.

It was an excellent race, though. The key to a successful race on the 3.3km loop is control. It's easy to go just a touch too hard at the beginning, and once you get into that slight energy deficit, it's impossible to recover during the rest of the climb - you end up slow and in a world of hurt.

Today I was able to stay disciplined and control my pace. This lead me a to a second place finish with a comfortable lead over the rest of the field. Tomorrow is a pursuit format, which means you start in the order you finish. Great starting position for what will hopefully be another great race.

Mad props to Sylvain Beaudry for coming out and taking pictures. It's sincerely appreciated.

December 11th, 2010
Biathlon NorAm Cup #1/Calforex Cup #1

Men10 km. Finish
13Robin CleggIndependent30329:53.3
211Beau ThompsonCanmore Nordic11230:44.7
31Jon SkinstadCamrose Ski Club/Augustana03331:44.4
46Joel PacasCanmore Nordic42632:36.4
57Kai SkinstadCamrose Ski Club21333:22.4
64Douglas BernardUS National Guard31434:17.9
710Andrew BusseUS National Guard11234:55.4
88Johnny ForwardCanmore Nordic52736:34.3
99Karl GranrothUS National Guard52736:48.4
102Elijah MacCullochIndependent41538:03.7
115Konrad ThielUtah Nordic / USBA23540:12.1


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